So many amazing brands for you to try!

So many amazing brands for you to try!

I’ve been lucky enough to secure some discount codes for you to use when searching for your best product fit. I’ve included little blurbs on my experience with each brand in case that helps!



P.S All the brands below ship to all 50 states! 🇺🇸


  • Soul Addict: Use “sa_cyn20” for 20% off your first-time purchase

    • One of my hands-down favorites and top recommendations. This is an appropriately-dosed, full-spectrum CBD tincture that is affordable and a great starter for newbies. Woman-founded, education-focused and 3rd party-tested.

  • Tonic CBD:  Use “cyntivee” for 10% off any purchase

    • Tonic has a variety of CBD options that are infused with another popular adaptogenic, Ashwagandha. Tonic tinctures are based in Black-Seed Oil and infused with maple syrup for a sweeter taste than most brands. Woman-founded and 3rd party-tested. They also have options for your pup!

  • Medterra MedOil CBD Tincture: Use “MEDCUSTOM15” for 15% off Medterra products on Halso!

    • This tincture is going to be used in October’s recipe so stay tuned for more but I’m already a fan because of measurement markers on the dropper that help find the right dosage.

Vape Pens

Supportive Naturals: Use “cyntivee” for 10% off any purchase

  • I learned about Supportive Naturals directly from the company’s CEO, a boss-lady and corporate transplant into the cannabis industry! SN products are farmed organically, processed naturally, and are locally sourced in Denver, CO. This vape pen, alongside all other SN products, uses full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD and is what I’ve been using for workout recovery!

Edibles & Beverages


  • Stigma Activewear: Use “CYNTIVEE” for 20% off your first-time purchase

    • I just love these guys. Stigma Activewear is committed to breaking the stigma associated with cannabis-use via fitness and well, that speaks to me. They create attractive and affordable fitness gear that elevates this message with text like “F*ck Stereotypes” and “Aim Higher” but also create subtle pieces that you can wear any time you’re roaming the streets in your athleisure.

  • Mary Jane Swimwear: Use “CYNTIVEE” for 10% off all MJ Swimwear purchases

    • The way I learned about MJ Swimwear starts in the Chelsea Piers Fitness memberships office where I went to cancel my gym membership. I needed to cancel because you know, “I was moving to California to start my cannabis business”. Stacey Demar, co-founder of MJ Swimwear, who at the time was the Head of Marketing at Chelsea Piers, looked up at me and responded with a huge smile and a, “Me too!”. Mary Jane Swimwear makes gorgeous swimsuits for men and women and donates a potion of their proceeds to Athletes for Care, an organization that is responding to opioid dependence amongst athletes by calling for access to cannabis treatment.

If your Cannabis, Fitness, or Wellness brand would like to share a discount code or special offer with Cyntivee community, please reach out to us via the Contact Cynthia page.