Product Spotlight: Seed Technology


If you’ve ever visited a cannabis dispensary, you know that the experience can be overwhelming when you’re new and curious about all the options. Which products do you want? What’s your preferred consumption method? What dosage do you need? Do you want to feel high? Indica or Sativa? So. Many. Questions.

Over two years into my own cannabis journey, I still don’t feel fully comfortable in all dispensaries! That’s why learning about our very first product spotlight, Seed Technology, has been such an incredible experience. I am a firm believer that education and a person’s first experiences purchasing and consuming cannabis can dictate their relationship with the plant.

That’s why Seed Technology is looking to improve the canna-newbies’ experience at the place where most people make their first official purchase: dispensaries.

With Seed Technology’s in-store education solution, you can get answers to all your initial cannabis questions privately and at your own pace!  The Seed team spent thousands of hours of ongoing research to create an intuitive tool that provides a digestible curriculum and empowers customers to feel educated about their purchase.

Using Seed’s sleek touchscreens, customers can learn cannabis 101 before getting to their budtender consultation; an experience which is sometimes intimidating for novices who are unsure what they’re looking for or even what to ask. Instead, the Seed experience helps new customers maximize their time with budtenders by helping them get answers to questions they may be embarrassed to ask or prefer to keep private.

Seed Technology wants to improve the newbie experience at the place where most make their first official cannabis purchase: dispensaries

In addition to the introductory cannabis lesson, Seed’s touch-screens offer a ‘consultation’ that figures out your best cannabis fit through a series of questions about your preferences and ideal cannabis experience. This mini-consultation can be key to figuring out whether you should hop on the vape pen trend or if micro-dosed edibles are actually a better fit for you. By integrating with the dispensaries point-of-sale system, Seed even provides a list of available products on the dispensary menu that match your personalized results!

From the dispensary perspective, Seed touch-displays can be indispensable (pun intended), as they’re able to capture information about customers that may normally not make it past the budtender consultation. Seed is able to provide valuable data about the cannabis knowledge that interests customers and the types of products that are most valued amongst different demographics. With this information on-hand, dispensaries can make informed decisions about their staff training, store layout and product offerings.

Impressive, right? It’s the kind of thing that could change up the dispensary experience and curtail any anxiety associated with making your first cannabis purchase.  

I’m a huge fan of anything that helps the canna-curious feel safe and empowered, so be sure to be sure to ask your local dispensary to look into providing a Seed display for you to see it in-action! You can also find a shortlist of dispensaries that already carry Seed on their website.

For helpful cannabis tips, follow Seed Technology on Instagram (@seedtechnology) or check them out at

What kind of things would help YOU feel more comfortable with your dispensary or cannabis experience??

With Seed Technology, you don’t have to feel like this standing in the dispensary line!

With Seed Technology, you don’t have to feel like this standing in the dispensary line!