Finding my Cannabis Fit with Strain Genie

So you’ve decided to try cannabis. You hear it’s helpful for one, if not all the things that have been bugging you, and you want to see what it can do for you. Great! So where do you start? 🤔

This is exactly where I found myself two years ago when I decided that I’d try cannabis to help alleviate my anxiety and insomnia. I started off using a vape pen but was quickly introduced to the variety of products available and I found myself considering a bunch of factors when choosing the best fit.

It was dizzying! Which strain should I buy? Should I get high-THC or high-CBD? Tincture or Edibles? 🤯

A growing body of evidence is making it increasingly clear that the power of cannabis can only truly be harnessed by personalized and educated consumption.

You may have noticed in other Cyntivee posts that I frequently mention that one-size does not fit all when choosing or dosing CBD and cannabis products. Making the right choice could help you feel great. Making the wrong choice could mean that you’d have an ineffective or negative experience; something that has turned off many cannabis users in the past.

Well today I want to share one of the tools that I used to figure out my cannabis fit: Strain Genie.

Strain Genie uses your DNA to create a personalized cannabis profile and using your genetic makeup, alongside several questions, finds the best strains, products and tools for you!

You can get your DNA sequenced with an at-home test kit provided by Strain Genie or you can use your results from any previous genetic testing you may have done with 23andMe,, MyHeritage, etc. These get run through Strain Genie’s system and helps create your personalized cannabis profile. Cool, huh? 😎

Your results will also show you cannabis products appropriate for different aspects of your life by breaking down your results into  “Activity Groups” like Energize, Create, Elevate, Chill, Medicate, or Sleep.

To use Strain Genie all you gotta do is, Get your DNA sequenced with an at-home test kit provided by Strain Genie (you can also use test kits available by 23andMe,, MyHeritage, etc.). Complete a quick questionnaire and then you’ll receive a personalized cannabis-health report that helps you order the right products from dispensaries in your area or CBD products that are available nationwide!

This was just one of the tools I used to help me figure it out on my journey! I also read a bunch of books, and did testing of my own. But if you’re a fitness, health and/or cannabis nerd, I think you’ll also find this intriguing. And while this isn’t an #ad, I’ve shared this video with the folks over at Strain Genie and they’ve shared a discount code for you guys to use if this tickles your fancy! You’ll receive 25% off your purchase if you use the promo code CYNTIVEE.

Learn more about Strain Genie on their website and let me know what you think!

-Cyn 🎈