4 Ways Cannabis Can Improve Your Workout


Hey boos,

Today I want to start introducing the concept of cannabis as a part of your workout and recovery routine.

At first, I found that cannabis helped me sleep deeply and as a result I could hit my workouts with more energy. But over time, I started experimenting and found that with the correct dosage and product, I was able to walk into the gym with a new sense of confidence. I was also able to recover faster afterwards which helped me maximize the frequency and efficiency of my workouts!

The concept of incorporating cannabis products into workouts has been increasingly explored by researchers and led to positive results for those trying to lose weight and those trying to increase endurance. In fact, the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD are so undeniable that the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its 2018 prohibited substances list and a slew of NFL and UFC athletes have followed suit ever since.

CBD is the non-psychoactive compound that provides all the muscle recovery and stress reducing benefits of cannabis without the mental high. And while it’s clear that CBD is the latest addition to the list of millennial superfoods alongside matcha and coconut oil, there are also incredible benefits to THC-heavy hits before a workout. We'll explore both in the list below!

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There are a variety of ways to incorporate cannabis products into your wellness routines and these can vary from CBD-only to THC-infused. Please check out my Currently Testing and Products Discounts page for reviews and DISCOUNTS. If you already know you’re an ‘eating’ fan, check out the recipes page for fun and easy ideas!


Here are 4 benefits I’ve found to using cannabis in my fitness routine:


1. Promotes extended foam rolling and stretching

The muscle recovery properties of cannabis make it a perfect complement to your warm-up and recovery routine. I’ve found that using these products changed my mindset about stretching and foam rolling by reducing how much I dread what could be a boring and painful experience. Recovery is an essential part of any fitness routine and a calmer vibe has helped me approach this part of my workout with an open mind and even some excitement!

*Product Tip: Try using a CBD tincture before your foam rolling sesh or even a THC-CBD ratio! I’ve tried these three brands in the ‘tinctures’ section, and if you need help figuring out which kind is the best for you, read my tutorial on ‘how to buy CBD online’.

2. Increases calm and reduces pain during endurance workouts

After a 1.5 year break from running, I made my ‘triumphant’ return at the 2018 Brooklyn Half Marathon on a miserably cold and rainy day. Before heading to the start line, I decided to take a few hits of a Lemon Haze vape pen and 2 servings of my CBD tincture and it was ultimately a LIFE-SAVER. My mindset was in a positive place and my body muted all of my naggy aches so I took it one mile at a time, and kept thinking: “just keep going as fast as you can until it doesn’t feel good and then adjust accordingly”.  I was able to focus on the positive aspects of the run and silence the obvious annoyances of running in a downpour. And while I didn’t crush the pace, I crossed the finish line soaking wet, freezing, and smiling.  😄

*Product Tip: If you live in a recreational state, try using a vape pen with an energizing strain like this Friendly Farms sauce pen (which is seriously incredible guys). If you’re not in a recreational state, a CBD tincture can also help ease those pre-race nerves! 🏃🏽

Thanks to my trusty vape pen, I was all smiles after a half-marathon in freezing rain. 😄

An action shot from my first partner brand photo shoot with @ StigmaActivewear . Definitely needed some cbd cream on my calves after running uphill a few times.

An action shot from my first partner brand photo shoot with @StigmaActivewear. Definitely needed some cbd cream on my calves after running uphill a few times.

3. Decreases ‘Gymtimidation’

Gymtimidation is that nervous feeling that may hit a newbie when testing out a new fitness environment whether that’s a weight room, an olympic-sized pool, or a Zumba class! And thank’s to Instagram, the weight room these days has become a particularly unique space for ladies. Am I right? What’s all this leg lifting, hip thrusting, booty blasting MANIA that has overtaken our feeds?! You want me to HUMP THE SKY?! In front of...EVERYONE?! Ugh, fine. I’ll do it for the 🍑.

One serving of a 18:1 CBD:THC sublingual spray has helped me quell my gymtimidation so that I can walk into the gym, lift whatever I want and do all the awkward thrusts and squats. With that confidence, I have been able to maximize an experience that is supposed to be fun, and ultimately all about me, testing my strength, and pushing my limits.

*Product Tip: Try using an uplifting cannabis oil vape pen or a THC:CBD ratio sublingual spray!

4. Improves muscle recovery and relaxation post-workout

Since CBD is an anti-inflammatory, it also works really well to relieve your muscles post-workout. You can use a CBD balm on a specific area if you’re feeling any pain or take a hit of a CBD pen; a fast-acting, tasteless and odorless option after a hard gym sesh!

*Product Tip:Try using a cannabis topical to rub on sore muscles or this Supportive Naturals vape pen made with full-spectrum CBD oil.

Getting Started

Because CBD and cannabis work to treat ailments from mild anxiety to severe chronic pain, the right dosage for you will depend on what you’re hoping to achieve!

CBD starter doses range from 5-25 mgs per day, but every human body is different so you’ll need to experiment to find the best dosage for you.

When incorporating products with THC, start very small with micro-doses of 2 mgs and wait 10 minutes before taking another dose. If taking an edible or tincture, wait 30 minutes.

Have you tried any of these products in your fitness or recovery routine? How else have you used cannabis as part of your wellness?



*For more inspo, you can read about PopSugar fitness writer, Dominique Astorino’s experience with CBD in her fitness routine.

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